Why is it that regardless of the time, the day or the weather, I am filled with a sense of well-being and elation by merely looking at my vineyard, my little vineyard, planted under my window sills, on the hillsides, facing the sun and the Pyrenees?

Me, a former man of science, a rugby-man … it certainly took quite a while to understand that this total feeling of harmony between myself and nature came from the alliance between the work of the wine-grower and what is beautiful and good.

I watched my father work this earth, who in turn had watched his father who had watched his father, with a beret on the head, wrinkles at the corner of their eyes, skin burnt by the sun, and thickened from working in the vineyards and cellars.

Behind their rough manners and typically French south-western accents, reminiscent of the sound of pebbles tumbling in mountain streams, behind this old habit of pulling their beret over their eyes, of purposely losing themselves among the vineyard paths or of scolding for no real reason … I know today there must have been a lot of emotion inside them when I look around me – so much beauty balanced out by the earth, the climate, the pale moons at night and all our work.

The men from around here didn’t like showing their sensitivity, but they sang. When having to deal with love or enjoying life, they understood that everything is a question of timing, like a specific tempo, and having to make the right decisions according to the weather

So now you know my background and may better understand my pride in this culture. 

Whilst in other cultures people were running risks within this no-win situation of being constantly on the cutting-edge, we, the Jurançon wine-growers, we were asking ourselves how to continue respecting this earth, its balances, the true meaning of fertility, sharing and solidarity.

This is an equation with four unknowns – the grape variety, the earth, the weather and our own nature – we are always looking for a three-termed solution with the taste, its specific properties, and the right balance. What if this was the true definition of “progress” and modernity?

When the wine’s colour resembles a precious stone’s transparency, when the wine’s white flower bouquet amazes my very own nose, when, after my worries and doubts the acquired taste is close to what I dreamed of …… I feel, quite simply, wonderful. From the bottom of my heart I want to wholly and completely share these impressions with everyone.

So come and visit, taste the wine, and let me know what you think. This way you will also meet my daughter, Marie, always enthusiastic, bursting with laughter and imagination and her pleasure in learning, and especially her desire to create and invent in our vineyard … in her vineyard.