Uroulat - Jurançon wines

“Pyrenees, patience and passion make Vintage wines of Jurançon”

A traditional wine-growing father and a daughter
who is both modern and devoted …

Two personalities whose ambivalence creates
a complementary magic, revealed through
their cuvees “Tradi
Jurançon”, meaning traditional,
and “Trendy
Jurançon”, meaning the new generation.
The Hours do indeed delight in combining
authenticity and modernity both in the production
and in the presentation of their wines of Jurançon.
AOC Jurançon purists will be delighted with
the fabulous TRADI wine range undertaken
by Charles and all the curious-minded will discover,
with secret delight, how wonderful and easy
it is to enjoy Marie’s TRENDY wine range.

 Adana Kürtaj


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