Absence of synthesized molecules using agro-biological farming

Location and aspect: At the foot of the Pyrenees. Sharp-sloped vineyards to the south/southwest. 45 kilometres from skiing resorts

Surface area: 16 hectares of vineyards

Soil specificity:

Upper layers with pebbles

Monein molasse


A pre-mountainous and ocean climate of Biarritz

Rainy in the winter and spring

Dry and hot in the autumn. Foehn wind. Quick ripening in a healthy environment

Thus the raisining can go on until the end of December

Wine variety:

Adapted to the climate

50% gros manseng

50% petit manseng

A little plot of Petit Courbu

Age and planting of vines:

20 years old

Planted at 4000 feet per hectare and pruned in the Guyot method on the high vines, being a specific feature of this appellation

Very high training (2.5 metres) aimed at protecting the buds from spring frost. Optimises the photosynthesis of leaves, calling for raisining in autumn

For the ground, there is a annual alternation of having 1 row being exploited, while 1 row is having grass grow naturally

The + point:

In order to conserve the natural quality of the vineyards, no fertilizers or weed-killers are used

Grass trimmer used between the vine stocks

Taking the time to do things right

End of October>

harvesting of Gros Manseng and Courbu (dry Jurançon)

yield of 50 hl / hectare

Beginning of November >

harvesting of Petit Manseng (Jurançon)

yield of 20 to 30 hl / hectare